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Facial Skin care with Peptide

Anti-aging Face Cream with the Power of Peptides

Anti-aging Face Cream by SKIN all natural addresses the challenges of maturing skin and wrinkles. Concentrated bio-active ingredients, plant peptides, natural moisturizing agents and premium botanical oils in this anti-aging day cream restore natural beauty, by stimulating the skin’s own self-correcting capabilities.  This range of carefully selected ingredients provides skin care benefits established through time tested traditional eastern ayurveda and the latest dermatological research.

Scientifically, skin begins to age in our mid-20s. Metabolic, circulatory and lymphatic systems all begin to slow down at this age.  The resulting drop in nutrients and oxygen causes a reduction in the skin’s fatty tissues, which are needed to bind and store essential moisture.  The lowered capacity to retain moisture creates the conditions for lines and wrinkles to form on the skin.  The depletion of skin oils and moisture – which combine to form the vital acid mantle of the skin – weakens the skin’s natural healing functions and its resistance to external influences.  The weakening of regenerative powers reduces skin’s self-corrective ability. The first signs are increased dryness and sensitivity, and a decrease in skin elasticity.

Instead of externally masking skin problems, or temporarily altering the skin’s appearance with the use of harsh chemicals, this 100% natural Anti-aging Face Cream with peptides works at the molecular level to activate skin’s inherent capacity to regenerate and heal restoring natural beauty.  Our pure and natural ingredients work safely in synergy with your skin to enhance and supportl skin hydration, lubrication, protection, repair and regeneration. The result is increased elasticity, firmness, softening and smoothing and decreased wrinkles heling you look younger.

Here is what we put in our anti-aging face cream and tell you why!

100% Natural holistic botanical Ingredients for natural beauty

Aloe Juice
Primary ingredient instead of water to provide soothing anti-inflammatory and scar reducing properties.
Shea Butter
Promote cell regeneration and circulation, making it a wonderful healer and rejuvenator  for aging skin. It is also a natural sun-protectant.
Kokum Butter
Prevents drying of the skin and development of wrinkles. Reduces degeneration of skin cells and restores skin flexibility.
GotuKola Extract
Firms skin, aids in the synthesis of collagen and tissue regeneration.
Ginko Extract
Stimulates the formation of fibroblast and collagen in the skin.
Green Tea Extract
Anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory.
Micro Algae
Increases protective function of skin cells
Holy Basil Extract
Nourishes skin cells and hydrates them reducing wrinkles.
Plant Peptides
Improves micro circulation of blood. Stimulates collagen synthesis in the skin
Almond Oil
Excellent emollient, healing and moisturizing
Jojoba Oil
Prevents trans-dermal water loss. Anti wrinkle agent.
Avocado Oil
Great source of vitamins A D & E, amino acids and sterols.
Witch Hazel
A natural astringent, soothes irritations.
Plant Glycerin
Boosts moisture levels and helps smooth skin
Comfrey Extract
Cell proliferant that heals and regenerates aging tissues.
Sake Kasu
Nourishes and brightens the skin
Candelilla Wax
Skin protecting, gives a delicate soft texture.
Polysorbate 80(Palm)
Surfactant and emulsifier that also hydrates the skin.
Lavender Oil
Relieves and heals skin irritations. Helps normalize all skin conditions.
Orange Oil
 Calms inflammation, Anti microbial and preservative