Natural skin with Face and Body Moisturizer,

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Look Younger...Feel Great

Face and Body Moisturizer

With its light, non-greasy texture, Face and Body Moisturizer is an exceptional hypoallergenic lotion and a great great face moisturizer. It gives skin a subtle glow, and helps to prevent signs of aging.

Here is what's in our Face and Body Moisturizer

100% Natural healing with Holistic Botanical Ingredients

Aloe Juice
Primary ingredient instead of water to provide soothing anti-inflammatory and scar reducing properties.
Coconut Oil
Softens and smooths wrinkle on neck and at the corner of the mouth
Jojoba Oil
Prevents transdermal water loss. Anti wrinkle agent.
Palm Oil
Moisturizer and antibacterial
Soy Oil
Skin-Conditioning Agent, antioxidant
Sandalwood oil
Relieves itching and inflammation of the skin.
Cetyl Alcohol (Palm)
Thickener with Moisturizing Effect.
Cetearyl Alcohol (Palm)
Emollient, to soften skin and stabilize the cream,
Plant derived Glycerin
Boosts moisture levels and helps smooth skin.
Polysorbate 60 (Palm)
Nonionic surfactant and emulsifier that also hydrates the skin.
Grapefruit Seed
Natural preservative and antioxidant.


Our unique combination of ingredients in this all natural face and body moisturizer helps reduce moisture loss while drawing and absorbing moisture from the air.