Best Soap with Kasu

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Look Younger... Kasu Bar Soap

Best Soap: Kasu Bar Soap

Our newest addition to 100% natural skin care and personal care products is our Natural Bar Soap with kasu. This wonderful new kasu bar soap is handcrafted and is now available in four different configurations. Kasu, oatmeal and cloves, kasu and juniper berries, kasu and peppermint as well as Kasu,lemongrass and mint.

Kasu, or Lees, refers to deposits of residual yeast and other particles left that precipitate, or are carried to the bottom of a vat after fermentation and aging of sake production. Often used as a flavorful ingredient in cooking recipes, Sake kasu is full of essential ingredients which moisturize, invigorate and smooth your skin.

Our bar soap is enriched with the nutrient rich kasu of brown rice sake, which contains proteins, amino acids, enzymes and antioxidants. Scented with essential oils and infused with goodness of nature making it a best soap for your skin. Handmade with the finest botanical ingredients and free of chemicals or perfumes.

4-ounce bar soap with kasu is now available at a special price of $6.97 per bar, and is best soap for daily use, as part of a gift basket or as a stocking stuffer!

All soaps are handmade with intention. Use it with intention and you will fall in love with this amazing kasu soap!