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Reduce Pigmentation and Melasma

Skin Light Reduces Hyper Pigmentation,Age Spots And Melasma

Scientists at SKIN all natural, made it their goal to formulate the first 100% natural, hydroquinone free hyper pigmentation reducer. Skin Light not only produces all the wonderful visual changes in the appearance of the skin giving it a natural glow and brighter mor even complexion, but also nourishes, replenishes and helps turn around the premature aging cycle, leaving the skin healthy and glowing. Their mission succeeded! The key to their innovative formulation for Skin Light is the perfect combination of natural ingredients like Sake Casu, Bearberry, licorice, Emblica, Lime & Turmeric extracts and goodness of Aloe gel, vitamins and anti-oxidants.

Skin Light works in synergy with your skin's own mechanisms to lighten skin pigmentation, age spots, melasma and discoloration & melanin formation as well as provide a powerful anti-stress and anti-aging protection.

  • Visibly reduces the appearance of dark spots.
  • Skin is hydrated, nourished and brightened
  • The complexion becomes lighter and uniform

Here is what we put in our Skin Light gel for reducing pigmentation, age spots, hyper pigmentation and melasma treatment!

100% Natural Plant Derived Ingredients - free of harsh chemicals

Aloe Vera Gel
Primary ingredient instead of water to provide soothing anti-inflammatory and scar reducing properties.
Rape Seed Oil
Reduces melanin production, lightens age spots.
Sake Kasu
Fermented proteins from rice in synergy with Koji, reduces skin pigmentation.
Licorice Extract
Anti-inflammatory, regenerating, soothing. and brightening
Bearberry Extract
Inhibits melanogenesis for age spot lightening and brighter, uniform tone.
Turmeric Extract
Improves healing and skin complexion.
Plant Glycerin
Boosts moisture levels and helps smooth skin.
Vitamin B3
Gently and naturally lightens skin in the presence of vitamin C.
Comfrey Extract
Cell proliferant that heals and regenerates aging tissues.
Vitamin C
Helps collagen production, and fading of hyper-pigmentation.
Vitamin E
Protects your skin from ultraviolet light, prevent cell damage from free radicals.
Broad-spectrum antioxidant, increase skin hydration, reduces inflammation, with skin lightening properties and prevents the breakdown of collagen.
Sweet Orange Oil Antimicrobial/antibacterial, Replenishes dry, sun damaged & mature skin.
Lime oil
Disinfectant, purifying and astringent.


Skin Light ingredients provide clinically proven efficacy in reducing age spots, pigmentation and melasma by decreasing tyrosinase activity and reducing melanin content in skin that causes hyper pigmentation.

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